Heather Colleen, a.k.a. Haycee (haycee) wrote in personals,
Heather Colleen, a.k.a. Haycee

Hey Everyone!

Name: Heather
Age: 21
Race/Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Relationship Status: Single (Completely single...no boyfriend, no girlfriend)
Physical Description: 5'4" tall (height), 235 pounds (weight), brown hair, blue eyes
Smoke:? No
Drink:? Rarely/Socially
Pictures: Pics are my LJ pictures...except I don't really have purple hair lol...my friend did that in photoshop...
Webpage Url: http://haycee.bravehost.com
Email Address: Haycee417@yahoo.com
AOL: Haycee417
MSN: Haycee41783@hotmail.com
YAHOO: Haycee417
ICQ: 157852318
About Me: I'm currently a college student, majoring in Musical Theatre.
Your Match: Guy or Girl
Age Range: 18 - 26 (Must be at least 18 years old, and I don't want to go older than 26...I have a "5 year rule"...I don't date anyone more than 5 years older than me [and I'm 21])
Weight: don't really care
Height: don't really care
Race/Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Body Type: don't really care
Eye Color: don't really care
Relationship Status: Single/without a girlfriend
Gender perference: Male I guess
Childern: None
Smoke: No
Drink: Rarely/Socially
Picture required: No
My ideal match is someone: I'm looking for someone who is bisexual and either completely single or without a girlfriend...I don't think I would care if you have a boyfriend (whether you're male or female). I am looking for someone fairly local...meaning in Massachusetts and fairly close to Boston. I am looking for someone who shares the same interests as me (specifically theatre and broadway because I really love that...my interests are listed on my user info page) as well as open-minded and fairly intelligent (I consider myself to be these things).
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