Not many people are named after plane crashes (icontrolyou) wrote in personals,
Not many people are named after plane crashes

hi all, i didn't know if this was the place for this type of thing or i will cut it just to be sure. =-)

i thought maybe a trite personal survey would be good to begin with...
1. First Name: shanna
2. Hair Color: brown
3. Middle Name: danielle
4. Hair Style: straight or a ponytail
5. Eye Color: green
6. Height: 6;
8. Birthday: april 24
9. Zodiac Sign: taurus
10. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: yes

we are looking for a third person to have fun with in our general area, although we will travel to find someone to take back to the bedroom and devour :)
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1. First Name: Jonathan
2. Hair Color: blonde
3. Middle Name: does it really matter?
4. Hair Style: short and messy
5. Eye Color: blue
6. Height: 5'-6";
8. Birthday: Oct. 3rd
9. Zodiac Sign: Libra
10. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: no

More details on what you're looking for? You can email me at if you want to keep it more private.

First of all, I want to introduce myself. my name is laxmi prasad shahi age 34 yrs old unmarried person. seeking for long term relationship with european women and Nepali women. so if you would likte to contact to me. don't hesitate to contact to me. when you will send your email then I will change to knew about you. email makes lot of friend if you write true word. todays all people used free email so its make very very bad person because who knew free email will be used true word then all person become benefit from free email. I will suggestion all of unknow friend and familiar person.please don't write bad word.thanks.
next matter is I am stamp,coin,banknote,postcard,handicraft,cheap stone,jwellary,books,much more dealer and trader of Nepal. I am also coin,value banknote collector.don't hesitate to send your email and your letter.its may be we will become in future closed friend . thanks all of you.
your new friend
laxmi prasad shahi
house no.163,lakhgalli
ward no.19,damai tole
note: don't send any goods and your banknote withought your informations.
mail at: anantashahi1 at
note: please don't send without your information if you enclosed your banknote,coin and any goods only register letter post ok.