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New profile...

In case anyone is interested... or has a friend... I've just updated my profiles on and I'm teamnoir both places in case the links don't work.

Copied below...

Aug 6, 2007

I'm currently in the market for a female slave. What I'm looking for is:

* a negotiated, fixed term contract arrangement - probably for one year.
* a bdsm play, sexual, emotional, social, and spiritual relationship based on the concept of limited ownership
* a relationship based on a single safe word - one which will end the m/s portion of our relationship.
* exclusivity with respect to ownership. I will be your only owner and you will be the only person I own for this time.

As your owner, I won't have the right to destroy you, nor will I have the right to transfer ownership of you to anyone other than back to you. In most other ways, subject to initial negotiation and contract, I would own you.

What I offer is quite a bit. I'm rather experienced in real life bdsm play, (see the rest of my profile or my other profiles for more details), and in several forms of d/s, though not yet in m/s. Owning someone would be a new thing for me. However, I'm experienced with a wide range of bdsm play, tantra, ritual, NLP, and hypnosis. I teach classes on these regularly, write online constantly, and I will expect to teach, (and learn from), you about these. Notably, you will learn more about:

* how to accept your self as a healthy, sexual, emotional, and spiritual being
* your boundaries and when and how to express them in socially appropriate and effective ways
* your interests and desires and how to express those in socially appropriate and effective ways
* the San Francisco bay area bdsm scene
* tantra, ritual, and sex magick which you will be able to practice on your own.

I will take you places you hadn't imagined existed, most of which you will probably enjoy, some you may enjoy a lot, and a few you will probably absolutely hate. You will be respected and encouraged, although in some ways also restricted.

I'm not interested in:

* a live-in relationship
* The One. This relationship in this format will be limited. I'm not looking for "The One" and I don't really expect to be "The One" for you either.
* sexual or emotional exclusivity. I'm poly and I will be dating and playing with other people. You will also be welcomed and encouraged to do so, within some limits which we will need to negotiate.
* long distance or on-line only - you must be willing and capable of getting yourself to the San Franciso bay area and/or Menlo Park, CA 94025 fairly frequently

If you have any questions, or if any of this sounds hot, fascinating, and/or compelling to you, please drop me a note.
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