Shakespeare Made Up Words And So Can I! (resident_raptor) wrote in personals,
Shakespeare Made Up Words And So Can I!

Well.. This Is Me

Name: Leah

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Occupation: Comedian/Actor/Writer/ImprovArtist/Standup and currently an Acting Student.

Religion: Catholic turned agnostic.

Race: Caucasion (Indian and Irish mainly)

Hair color: Brown but it's currently a lame red for a show.

Eye color: Brown

Body type: Athletic with a bit of meat on the bones (I was a soccer player).

Height: 5' 3

Interests: Movies, Acting, Shows, Improv, Standup Comedy, screenplays/teleplays, silly antics, cuddling, spending time with friends, concerts, video games, sports.. Really alot of things. Check out the ole livejournal.

Pictures: I don't have many of the new hair so I'll put up a few from a year ago..

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