Becky (becka1213) wrote in personals,

I'm new

:Name: Becky
:Age/dob/sign::21/ 12-13-1982/ sagittarius
:Gender:: Female
:Work/school:: Local community college, adn part time job
:Location:: North ridgeville, Ohio
:Main interests: a song to sing, aim, aol, bongos, born again, chatting, chords, christ, christianity, church, cleveland, college, composing, congas, drums, elyria, enation, erik von detten, fan fiction, fast and the furious, gibson guitars, god, guitars, hanson, hayden christensen, hiking, holy spirit, instant messager, issac hanson, jonathan jackson, lccc, lorain, lord, mixing, mmmbop, mp3, music, ohio, paul walker, piano, poetry, quizes, ralph fiennes, recording music, recording studios, religion, rock n roll, screenplays, script, scripts, sports, star wars, stories, taylor hanson, this time around, volleyball, weird, where's the love, worship, worshipping, writing, yearbook, zac hanson.
:Described as:: Humorous, fun, cautious, caring, honest, understanding
:Music:: my own, hanson, billie joel, Cher, anything pretty much
:Movies: The Wedding Singer, Get over it, Fast and the Furious, She's all that
:Books/authors: "A girl in the Grass" Poe and I also like to read writing from or
:Art/artists:: Modern
:Other random favorite people/things/places:: The park, sailing
:Collect:: stuffed animals
:Specifically seeking:: Anyone who write and has simailr interests
:Prefer long, medium or short letters?:: I like any letters
:How many pen pals do you want?:: doesn't matter
:International or local penpals?:: both
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